Dr. Utopia’s “ism”

This is an excellent video from 1948 explaining the benefits of Capitalism which is not to be confused with State Capitalism, Corporatism, or Crony Capitalism.  Can you point out the one item that Lysander Spooner would take exception to?  (Hint read No Treason VI)


3 responses to “Dr. Utopia’s “ism”

  1. Great little video, except I did not like the use of Lincoln’s memorial as a representative of freedom. He was a dictator and no lover of freedom.

  2. Yes, “the Civil War” is more aptly named “the War of Northern Aggression”.

  3. Make Mine Freedom (1948); also known as Dr. Utopia’s”ism”, is a political cartoon, charged with educating the layman of the time on the seemingly vague subject of economics. This cartoon compares ideologies such as socialism, communism, democracy and capitalism. While this “educational” cartoon does appear biased, it gives an interesting critical examination into these ideologies as they compare to the assumed economical success of each other during the 1940’s. “Because capital, management, and labor work together”, civilians have the opportunity to succeed economically (Make Mine Freedom, 1948). While I do agree that the capitalistic ideology represented in this cartoon does lend to productivity, I would argue that the capitalism practiced during the era that this cartoon was created exemplified a capitalist ideology that left out one critical component: equal individual freedom for all. This cartoon showed me that that the ideology represented in Libertarianism is a bridge between those forgotten human rights and world wide economical success.