U.S. Debt: Saturday Night Live gets it

A bit crude but this skit pretty much sums up the U.S. debt owed to China:

Click here to watch skit

The only way this debt will be handled will be by inflation or default or a combination of the two.    Either way,  the dollar is doomed.




One response to “U.S. Debt: Saturday Night Live gets it

  1. Yes, We should not only renovate all three branches of this government… we should send all these people, (congressional delegates, supreme court justices, the white house and all the special interest corporate lobbys) to China where they could and probably would make terrible sex slaves to pay back the 800 billion dollars THEY owe China… For I do not believe I owe China anything excpet a thanks for not yet calling on the debt… It is ironic, China may create a democratic Republic before we do.