Austrian Investor on Compassion vs. Compulsion

The Austrian Investor posted the following at his site:

Compassion vs. Compulsion
November 26, 2009 by Austrian Investor

Here is an excellent interview with Dr. Richard Ebeling where he is defending the free market and why it is the only moral choice.  Charity = Compassion whereas Redistribution = Compulsion and the Loss if Liberty.

Radio Interview

The only opinion I would add is that even seemingly “necessary” government services such as “the protection of property” and “national defense” can be better provided by the free market where there is competition for your dollars.  In a free market you have the ability to withdraw your support if you are not satisfied with the services being offered forcing the provider to earn your business (see Chaos Theory by Dr. Robert Murphy).    A little bit of compulsion is like being a little bit pregnant.  Limited government often grows to unlimited government.


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