Recipe for Revolution

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A Recipe for Revolution

by Lady Liberty

These are exciting times! The opportunity for a peaceful (although not painless) revolution is upon us.  The masses are slowly coming to the realization that central planning does not work. Witness the failure of existing foreign policy, financial mismanagement, and currency debasement.

In Dr. Gary North’s recent article Digits and Revolution he shows that the revolution is already happening.  To help it along, the recipe is to create Free Market alternatives that put the governmental (central planning) systems out of business.

Many folks are already achieving more personal freedom by actively engaging in counter-economics like the Agorists.

Here are a few excerpts from Dr. North’s article with my comments below:

Years ago, my friend Robert Thoburn, the entrepreneur who developed Fairfax Christian School, was standing in line at the Post Office at Christmas time. The line was very long. He turned somebody next to him and said it would sure be better if the system were run by the government. He got an incredulous look; then that person smiled. Thirty years ago, that seemed like a fruitless observation. Yet, as it has turned out, we could lose the Post Office tomorrow and barely feel it. We don’t use first-class mail to communicate any longer. We use the Internet. We use Federal Express and UPS and other delivery systems to deliver anything really important that we have to send. The Post Office in effect has gone senile.

We don’t sense that it’s gone. Yet the reality is this: we have replaced something with things that are better. Therefore, at some point, we will see the Post Office either go out of business or become simply a forgotten memory. Yet the Post Office is part of the Constitutional system. The Post Office has always been a way for the government to control the flow of information. As Robert Nisbet said in an autobiographical essay, in the year he was born, 1913, the only contact that the average American had with the Federal government was the Post Office. How much contact do you have with the Postal Service today? It delivers mostly junk mail to you. We ought to think of the U.S. Postal Service not as snail mail but as junk mail. It is the junk mail service for the junk mail industry. Even this is subsidized. It gets cheaper rates.

We have seen the demise of the Post Office operationally over the last ten years, yet we have paid almost no attention to this. There has not been a revolution in our thinking about the Post Office. There has simply been a kind of forgetfulness. We haven’t paid much attention to the fact that we don’t need it anymore. This has not taken any kind of an organized political movement.

Dr. North goes on to say:

The Post Office is sacrosanct. It is untouchable. But now it is simply ignored. This is the best way to have a revolution. Create a free-market alternative to a particular government institution, and then refuse to use the boondoggle anymore. At some point, we can simply vote to de-fund it. We can privatize it. Nobody will care, because hardly anybody is using the system any longer.

Here is my slogan for political reform: Replacement, not capture; then de-funding.

Let us take this slogan and begin to apply it to all the government institutions that we deal with on a regular basis. Apply it especially to the Federal government.

We are seeing the creation of a new economy in which we really do not need the Federal government, except for welfare services for the aged. It is going to go bust because of these welfare services. So, the primary objective that we ought to have is to create alternatives to the welfare system. We don’t need to call for the shutting down of a particular government agency tomorrow, although in principle that would be the best way. But that would be an overnight political revolution, and I really don’t believe in overnight political revolutions.

Overnight political revolutions always centralize power. That is what Frederick Engels taught, and that is what I believe. What I believe is best for the country is a quiet social revolution, which is marked by a shift of reliance away from all government money toward free-market and charitable funding. We will simply walk away from the system. When enough people walk away from the system, and the rest of them lose their shirts when the system goes belly-up, we will be in a position to have a real revolution, one in favor of freedom.

This revolution will be one of decentralization and some form of operational secession. I don’t think states are actually going to break away from the union. I believe that the governors and mayors are not going to bother to get Federal grants, because the money is either not available or won’t buy anything. When we get to that stage, we will be prepared for a new period of liberty. That day is coming. The government has shot his wad, and the Federal Reserve, in shooting whatever wad it has left, is going to debase the currency.

The transformation is taking place right under our noses. As George Orwell said, it is a constant struggle to see what is happening under our noses.

How can you participate? If you vote, stop.  Recognize the immorality of voting as so eloquently articulated by Lysander Spooner in his essay No Treason VI: The Constitution of No Authority and in Ken Schoolland’s Philosophy of Liberty.  Realize that voting is what happens when two wolves and a sheep decide on what to have for dinner.  Simply start using Free Market alternatives to central planner programs.  Vote with your dollars.  Withdraw your support of central planners like the Voluntaryists.  If you are an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to profit by creating and offering alternative services at a lower cost.  If you work for a government agency start making plans to move into the private sector where you will be better recognized for your talents.

Will the central planners give in easily?  No, they will do whatever they can to maintain power.  They will continue to woo voters with the promises of  sharing in the stolen property they take by taxation and majority vote.  If man is to achieve freedom he must stop living off of the backs of others.  Education is the key to freedom.  The internet is helping to make this happen.

Man does not instinctively wish to be the slave of another.  It is against human nature.  Only in his ignorance does he continue to make choices that enslave him.  The innate desire to live is that same desire for liberty.  Without liberty you do not have a life that you can call your own.

Parasites cannot live without hosts.  We can starve the parasites and educate our fellowmen by sharing articles like this one.

Yes, these are exciting times!


3 responses to “Recipe for Revolution

  1. I endeavor to see it as a game…and I get to choose which aspect of the game I want to play. It is all a choice. Playing the game from the city, county, state and fed is all about choice. The biggest obstacle is the realization that there is a choice to be made. Start small, start a garden…yes, now. Start composting the area you might grow your own food and be semi-serious about it. Choosing to not buy from the mega-grocer is a start. Then read up on the Constitution… be informed. Read up on the Uniform Code of commerce. Be informed. For example read up on UCC 1-207. Find out what “rights” the city, county, state and fed allow you as a citizen and what you need to know to maintain those rights. And remember it is just a game. Find out about allodial title, and land patent…. why are you paying taxes on some thing you own? or do you own it? Start bartering. Stop using money for absolutely everything especially if it is not necessary. trade for services, trade for material goods, trade for the fun of it… This is just a game. So be having more fun instead of more worry. You right to pursue life, liberty and happiness is a choice that only you get in the way of… make it a game and the happiness is already begun…. After all in this endeavor you have very little to loose and so much to gain.

  2. What a great test of our Constitution Republic. I see our people uniting and commng together all over our Republic to stop the insanity being projected out of government. Our servants think they are now gods, above the laws, and we pions just serve their interests. Maybe if we cut their salaries and egnor their voices, they just might get the hint and find time to serve the people and pay allengence to the Constitution they vowed to serve.

  3. Very good post.
    Contents are great and I do fully agree.
    I would like also to say that this time around I’m sad for my fellow americans but Italy is much better placed in the unstoppable slow motion revolutionary process eventhough for most people is really hard to understand what ‘s happening under our nose.