It’s Official – America Now Enforces Capital Controls

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It’s Official – America Now Enforces Capital Controls

2 responses to “It’s Official – America Now Enforces Capital Controls

  1. What does one expect when one votes for ever bigger government? Actually, the little guy, the guys or gals who are working paycheck to paycheck won’t care about this as it does not affect them directly. The problem is with those people who now pay 50% of all taxes collected by the U.S. government (or, as I like to call it, the National Socialist Bureaucracy of America), which is a very small percentage of the whole population. Eventually, however, the NSBA will be reaching into the pockets of even the little guy as its, the government’s, voracious appetite for more socialist agendas increases.

    Ah, America there is no such thing as a free lunch. The government does not make money, it only takes money. And, unless the people finally wake up to the monster they have created, and stop it, this monster will destroy America financially.

  2. I don’t believe that this law constitutes capital control because it doesn’t restrict movement of money between countries. It “only” seeks to collect taxes from foreign investments. A true capital control would restrict movement of money between countries, as I understand the concept.

    But irrespective of the intent, it is just one more example of government intervention into the private individual’s freedom of exchange, and more theft of their wealth.