Feeding The Mouth That Bites You

Are you free?  Read the following submission and decide:

Feeding The Mouth That Bites You
By: Anonymous

The beauty of free-market competition is the fact that you can vote with your dollars.  If a company provides an inferior product or service you can take your business to another company that provides a better value for your hard-earned money.

This free-market competition also works to continually improve your standard of living.  Competing companies are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and create better value in their efforts to win your business.  This continual competition works to bring you a constant flow of better products and services at cheaper prices.

The problem with coercive government* is that competition is retarded via regulation and licensing or it is eliminated entirely.  Nearly every industry is impeded by the “connected and protected” special interest groups.  The examples are endless and are too numerous to be listed here.  Suffice to say, try doing anything that isn’t regulated or licensed in some way.

Compulsory taxation is another example of a service that is provided without freedom of choice.  If you disagree with the endless wars, waste, corruption, collateral murder (http://tinyurl.com/ydvv49u), paying farmers not to farm, etc., etc., you can’t easily withdraw your dollars and take your business elsewhere.

We all are taught at a very early age that the act of taking someone’s property without their voluntary consent is called theft.  When we grow up it is called taxation.  Governments that take your property against your voluntary consent are violent predators.

So how do you deal with this violent threat to your life, liberty and property?  Observers like Lysander Spooner (http://tinyurl.com/yh7kxvb) and Robert LeFevre (https://economicsandliberty.wordpress.com/a-way-to-be-free/) have already thoroughly exposed the illegitimacy and immorality of voting so what is one to do?

Until you stop feeding the mouth that bites you – and until you stop participating in the legalized plunder – these predators will grow stronger and continue to take away your freedom.

When will you stop feeding the mouth that bites you?

*”Coercive government” is nothing more than a collection of individuals acting in an antisocial manner – forcing their opinions on others.  It also consists of the “foot soldiers” or “employees” that carry out such aggression .   Contrast this with those who believe in mutually voluntary relationships (see www.Voluntaryist.com).


One response to “Feeding The Mouth That Bites You

  1. So why does this behavior go on? Because the average person has been brainwashed in school to believe that the government is a pro-society organization rather than the anti-social organization that it is. As Albert Jay Nock wrote in his book “Our Enemy the State”: “The state is not. . .a social institution administered in an anti-social way. It is an anti-social institution, administered in the only way an anti-social institution can be administered, and by the kind of person who, in the nature of things, is best adapted to such service.”

    Mr. Nock also believed that the adoration of the government (as if it were a religion) could not be stopped by reason and logic, but that it would run its course until the government had ruined society and the people finally rose up to change things.

    In my political pamphlet (“The Myth of Inalienable Rights . . . ” at http://dowehaverights.blogspot.com/) I have written an addendum entitled “Crimes, Organized Crime, and Criminals” in which I posit that the present government acts like an organized criminal gang because it knowingly and willingly violates the rights of otherwise honest, peaceful citizens.