Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away

More on the anti-human, lying folks behind the environmentalist movement:

Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away




2 responses to “Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away

  1. This whole global warming/climate change issue is nothing more than a new face of socialism and a very aggressive attempt at “the new world order” of a world government who will be able to control every aspect of your lives, regardless of country or border.
    The false science of the ecology/environmental/green fanatics was completely demolished by George Reisman’s 3rd chapter of Capitalism. Line by line, he takes on every premise of this anti-human group and shows that capitalism, based on division of labor and private property ownership would, if any of the claims ever did arise, would be the best solution for dealing with the issue. If the environmentalists succeed, it will result in the retrogression of the world economies to that of the pre-industrial era.

    • Thank you, Les. I am one of the hundreds of thousands of scientists who have looked at the global warming data and disagree wholeheartedly with the conclusion that man is causing global warming. When we ask questions of the “experts” (those unethical enough to continue to accept government funding for a scam), we are told to trust. Science is about proof, not trust. Any scientist worth his degree knows that the basis of science is questioning.