Who’s more dangerous: “illegal aliens” or “governments”?


6 responses to “Who’s more dangerous: “illegal aliens” or “governments”?

  1. Very good presentation. To the extent that government is necessary–which is not nearly as much as it is forced upon us today–then it is a necessary evil. As George Washington said: “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” But through government schools (public schools) most people have been brain-washed to believe that the government is the answer to everyone’s problems.

  2. AbcAnarchy

    Great video, you make it?


  3. Abc: No, this was made by Marc Stevens, the author of the excellent book “Adventures in Legal Land”.

  4. AbcAnarchy

    Well anyway, its great. And thanks for sharing it. I fully agree with D.M.Mitchell that schools do force upon you that government is THE answer. I’m still at school and i can say first hand that we are pretty much brain-washed into believing the lies we are fed. My friend said it best when he quit school – “Fuck education, at least my mind is free”


    • Your friend’s quote is great! “Question Everything” is a great rule to live by.

      • AbcAnarchy

        Yeah, it was a really eye opener to me. 12 years of my life i would spend being taught how to exploit people. I would make friends then be forced to compete against them to see who can exploit the most in order to survive. Its bullshit.

        Question everything is a great rule, i know I’ll never be molded into a cog for the great money making machine we call ‘government’