Census Fraud Expose – Undercover Video

Watch the video below and then read the story here:



2 responses to “Census Fraud Expose – Undercover Video

  1. I worked for the census for three weeks and two days. I had to quit…these people are unbelievably unorganized. They changed the rules DAILY. Sent us back to homes that had REFUSED to answer and even THREATENED another worker. They limited our hours per day to three but kept hiring. This was done to inflate the employment numbers, I believe…

    What a crock! What a bunch of stupid people running this “census.” The 2000 census was much better. Don’t know what happened this time!

  2. Eric meade

    I had the census here last week ,I told them I dont subscribe to Government polls or census, Its an intrusion on my personal life.
    They said we can come back 6 times and on the last time we will bring a sherriff with us. I said good