The Illusion of Politics

The Illusion of Politics

By David MacGregor

Barack Obama won the US Presidency using the mantra of “change”. Reality, of course, is somewhat different. No change – just “business as usual”.

It’s the same with the US Tea Party movement. Here’s a nascent political organisation that already voters are pinning their future hopes on. Sorry to disappoint, but the Tea Party will also fail to live up to its promise.

In fact, all these agents of “change” are just illusions fed to naive optimists who believe any significant change can come via the ballot box.

Sorry, but it’s not going to happen. All that happens, instead, is that people get all fired up with hope, only to have it all dashed. Some, having repeated this process every 3 or 4 years have already seen the light and given up. Others, disappointed so many times before, will keep the faith and believe “one more time” – like the followers of some religious cult predicting the end of the world, only to find the world is still here.

Philip Giraldi takes a closer look at the Tea Party, and the “elephant in the room” it is already ignoring, in his essay: A Tea Party to Nowhere


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