A Good Reason To Read Playboy Magazine…

Subject:   Spooner’s “No Treason”

Lysander Spooner (1808-1887) was a Massachusetts lawyer noted for his vigorous and brilliant opposition to the encroachment of the State upon the liberty of the individual. His writings on the unconstitutionality of slavery influenced pre-Civil War thought.  His challenge to the postal monopoly (he set up a thriving private post) resulted in an Act of Congress sharply reducing postage rates.  Unfortunately, he was so successful that Congress finally outlawed his enterprise.

The following is Spooner’s “No Treason VI: The Constitution of No Authority”, which Playboy magazine described as “[possibly] the most subversive document ever penned in this nation.”

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One response to “A Good Reason To Read Playboy Magazine…

  1. I read it years ago. I have a copy of “The Lysander Spooner Reader” in my bookshelf above my computer. Unfortunately for Mr. Spooner, he uses logic. Many people and all politicians and bureaucrats either don’t understand logic or the don’t like it because it doesn’t help their cause. Another good essay by Mr. Spooner is “Vices are not Crimes.” Highly worth reading because of the harm done to society by the nearly century-long war on drugs, which actually started in 1914 with the passage of the Harrison Narcotics Act.