Disgusting Propaganda from The San Diego Union Tribune

One of our readers received an offer to advertise his business in an upcoming issue of The San Diego Union Tribune (click to download and view .pdf promo).  The text of the promo speaks for itself but you can read his response down below.  First, here is the text of the advertising promo:

Be part of a section that has 75 years in the making!

For 75 years, Social Security has provided an economic safety net that has kept millions of our citizens from indigence in their old age and when they are disabled. Show your support for one of America’s most important programs with an ad in the Social Security 75th Anniversary special section.

The programs Social Security administer are among the most critical and successful in our country’s history, and are vital to our nation’s  economy. For 75 years, Social Security has touched our lives in one way or the other. Here’s your chance to express your thanks and support for the vital national program.

For advertising information, contact your U-T account manager or Linda Willis at (619) 293-1582.

to which he responded:

Hi  [deleted],

Thank you for contacting me about advertising in this special edition of the Union Tribune.  Social Security is the biggest scam/confidence game in American history.  I can’t believe people still buy into this baloney.

By the looks of this promo, I want nothing to do with the promotion of this socialist enterprise where money is stolen from some to benefit others and then stolen again by the government (through inflation and other monkey business) before it even gets to the intended recipients.

I just read the attached promo again “Here’s your chance to express your thanks and support for the vital national program.”  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Nothing personal, but this is a sick joke!  Did the Communists buy this newspaper????

[name withheld]

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