On the Media…

The Daily Bell makes the following observation on how the media propaganda machine glorifies the state.  What is exciting is that the internet and organizations like wikileaks are exposing truth and pressuring traditional media to be more honest in their reporting if they want to maintain what little credibility they have left.

The powerful US media-entertainment complex has done the bidding of the Anglo-American  axis’ for decades, or perhaps for even a century or longer. Hollywood movies often aggrandize Cold Warrior themes that celebrate the US military industrial complex while television is filled with law-and-order programs celebrating the war on drugs, glamorizing anti-terror activities, etc. The difference between the West’s brand of media control and control in non-Western countries is that the West does not advertise it, and individual Western democracies are apt to pooh-pooh the reality and denigrate its necessity. This only tends to make such programs more effective.

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