Schiff Elaborates…


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  1. Finally he gets a chance to elaborate his philosophy.

  2. Yes Peter Schiff gets to speak but we know these things…..what are the solutions past buying gold,silver and bullets?? I mean this entire last 3 years is a discussion framed ONLY in how bad things are…. Gelard Celente no better…. Why can’t we as a intellegent creative people just create a new currency and get us back making, building and creating our future as a country? The government and the current financial system has no intention or no way out of this mess so rather than waist energy on a failed system lets get to work!
    Can some one please respond to this point?? No one that I am aware of is speaking of placing our personal and collective priorities first. They will not do it for us and they will fail us……..

  3. gainsmore,

    See the following posts/links for possible strategies:

    An Agorist Primer – Counter-Economics, Total Freedom, and You – by Samuel Edward Konkin III
    A Way to Be Free – Epilogue – Robert LeFevre
    How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World – Harry Browne