7 Reasons Why a Dollar Crisis Is Imminent

This author below forgot to mention the most important reason:  Government Intervention in the markets from which most of these 6 reasons stem from.    The countless restrictions placed on business, manipulation of the money supply, mismanagement, government bailouts, and succombing to special interest groups have all restricted liberty and stifled the economy.

6 Reasons Why a Dollar Crisis Is Imminent

The U.S. dollar is sliding dangerously close to a steep cliff — a possible point of no return at which the currency could collapse and America could join the ranks of the world’s banana republics.

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For more than thirty years, the U.S. has resisted the restructuring, austerity and market forces required to restore the health, competitiveness and potential of its economy.

Extending a long-running policy of neglect, denial, short-sightedness, political expediency and corruption, for the past two years, the Federal Reserve has tried to prop up the increasingly uncompetitive and defective U.S. economy with what amounts to unprecedented amounts of money printing — still in effect and slated to expand. The government as a whole has increasingly spent beyond its means, doubled down on debt and pushed the limits of inflation risks as it milks the outdated perception of the dollar as a “safe haven” for all it’s worth.

The bill is coming due and the table is being set for the biggest currency crisis ever. Almost all of the key ingredients are in place for a crisis of confidence that will threaten to overwhelm all efforts to contain it — something beyond the magnitude of currency crises that unraveled Mexico in 1994, Asia in 1997, Russia in 1998, and Argentina in 1999. The similarities are now beyond disturbing.



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