Standing up to the TSA in San Diego

Fascinating encounter with the TSA by a man who understands freedom:

Read the account and Watch the Videos

Notice how the father-in-law states in video #2 “I’m a retired cop and I’d like some professional courtesy – can  you just let him go through the metal detector instead?”  Of course, “professional courtesy” in nothing more than a favor to those that are also “connected”.  Also, notice how the father-in-law tries to pressure and guilt him into complying but he stands firm for liberty.

Here are the follow up postings to this article:

More about my TSA encounter at SAN
Motivation of my filming of my TSA encounter


One response to “Standing up to the TSA in San Diego

  1. This is what every American should do. An alternative is to just not fly. If everyone stopped flying, what role would TSA have?