Voting is Evil – Christine Smith

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4 responses to “Voting is Evil – Christine Smith

  1. Well done Christine!

  2. Extremely well done, Christine. Covered a lot of points and did them clearly and logically. I would suggest another possibility also. Let us suppose a candidate presents them self as someone who holds libertarian and ethical non aggression principles, but after winning elective office, votes the opposite. In that case the voter has granted power to control others. True the voters were “tricked” but the fact is the person received their power to violate the principle of non aggression from the voters. When the full impact of the unethical position the voter has assumed is realized by a libertarian it is extremely disturbing. Lynn A. Bloxham

  3. Amen Sisiter. We are not to bow down to any King but the Lord God. To be politically active in this world is a rejection of the Lord God and His Kingdom. I find few persons as yourself whom understands these scriptural views. Amen to Consistency. I would like to know your views on faith – the same evil concepts with-in politics, that you so eloquently verbalized, is also seated in these abominations some like to call “churches” [plural], when there is only “One Church”, “One Faith”, One Baptism [Spiritual – not H2O], One Lord and God over all “His” children. The politics of Institutional Sectarian, Denominationalism, and their subsequent Seminaries is an affront to the Word of God.