“You might be a fascist if…”

…you don’t dislike government more after watching this video, says Tim Carney. (via EPJ):

4 responses to ““You might be a fascist if…”

  1. Your property rights? What property rights? You have none!
    Your constitutional right to free speech? Your right to due process?

  2. Since I already dislike government as much as it is possible for me to dislike anything, I experienced no increase. Looks like a job for The Black Arrow.

  3. Everyone around the world should be aware of the fascism that exists between big Pharma and governments, big energy and the governments, money printing cartels and the governments, and big food and the governments. Everyone should strive to become self-sufficient and free of the control of these powers by learning how to take care of yourselves by using alternative natural medicine (buy books and educate yourself), alternative residential energy solutions, and having a long term food storage system set up and plenty of gold and silver coins stored away for yourself and your family so you can live in freedom when everything comes unglued in a big way.

  4. Scott Lenger

    The mouthy, lying, thieving bitch, her crew and the cops should all be charged with armed robbery.

    Freedom – Your conspiracy theories are far misplaced. “Big Pharma” and “Big Energy” are more the victim of our government regulation than most other private companies.

    I will, however, agree with you that much of “Big Food” reaches into the taxpayers’ pockets for subsidies and in cases, like sugar and corn, unjustly manipulate the market through trade restrictions.

    Once we let government have the power to regulate commerce it isn’t far down the slippery slope from a company trying to ensure their right to compete to one seeking to gain unjust advantage.

    P.J. O’Rourke said it best: “When legislators decide what is bought and sold the first thing bought and sold is the legislators.”