Rand Paul on Healthcare and Slavery

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One response to “Rand Paul on Healthcare and Slavery

  1. Your best freedom in regards to health care is to learn alternative and natural medicine and learn how to take care of yourself with a good diet and with natural alternative medicine. Everyone, stop passively trusting and start researching and finding the best alternative natural cures that are available. Gaining sovereignty over your health care choices is first of all begun by learning to be sovereign over your physical appetites so that they do not control you. Eat natural organic food and mostly plants since the human body was made to eat plants. Learn as much as you can about natural or alternative antibiotics such as olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, which can kill microbes attacking your body. Of course, if you become involved in a car accident and require emergency surgery then going to a conventional doctor or hospital will be necessary. For regular doctor visits find a holistic doctor who knows the best of western medicine and eastern medicine and natural medicine of all types. Furthermore, become an educated patient since a passive patient who just blindly trusts their doctor or the medical system including the health care system is asking for more slavery. True freedom from health care wil be found as you take charge and do some of the things I told you above to do. In Health Care Freedom