A Personal Letter to the Tax Collector

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter in good faith and with best intentions. I recognize that you probably have hopes, dreams and goals like any other human being and that you likely need to earn a living as you pursue those hopes, dreams and goals. I further understand that you honestly believe in the work that you do. The purpose of this personal letter is to make a case, using logic and reason, for you to reconsider your choice of employment.

I begin with the question, “are you a friend or an enemy to human life?”

Why do I start with this question? I believe it helps us get to the heart of the matter by focusing on our relationships to each other as fellow human beings. While pondering this question, I believe that a few definitions are in order before proceeding:

Simplified Definitions

Life: our biological existence in space and time.

Liberty: the ability to live one’s life as one wishes while respecting the lives of others.

Property: the goods that man produces or acquires through voluntary exchange and/or gift. Claims of land ownership are included here as well.

Murder: the taking of man’s life without his voluntary consent. This deprives him of his future (and future productivity). Excluded from this definition is the taking of another person’s life in the act of self-defense against an aggressor (when one believes one’s life is threatened) or in the defense of others when the lives of these others are threatened.

Slavery: the taking of man’s liberty without his voluntary consent. This deprives him of his present.

Theft: the taking of man’s property without his voluntary consent. This deprives him of his past (the time energy and talent that he used to produce this property).

Plunder: The ill-gotten gains from theft.

Let us further contemplate the nature of life

I put forth the following observations:

  • Man seeks happiness (and seeks to remove uneasiness or discomfort).
  • Man seeks to extend and enhance his life for if there is no life there is no man.
  • In order to live man must consume those things that sustain his life (food, shelter, etc.).
  • In order for the necessities of life to be consumed they must first be produced.
  • An infant cannot produce for himself so he must rely on the production of others through charity.
  • As a child matures he must continue to rely on the charitable production of others until he learns to produce for himself.
  • In the process of producing for oneself man usually develops a specialized skill that he can trade for the products of the specialized skills of others.
  • This process of production results in what is often referred to as “the fruits of man’s labor”.
  • The products of his labor are a direct extension of man’s life because they are the result of his invested time and life energy.

First Conclusion

Based upon the definitions and propositions set forth, anyone who seeks to take another man’s life, liberty or property against that man’s voluntary consent is an enemy to human life.

Further Observations

There are some men who seek to take away the property and liberty of others in order to use this production for personal profit. These men choose this path as they find it preferable to producing for themselves.

This short-term benefit is not only dangerous to the thief but it is detrimental to his long-term well-being as well. This is because his victims must divert a portion of their resources toward protection services instead of toward production. This loss of production reduces the overall societal quality of life as there are less products and services available for trade and enjoyment.

Despite this, the thief is not concerned with the detrimental, long-term effects of plunder as he only cares about the immediate personal benefit. Therefore, the rest of society must take protective measures if they wish to safeguard their life, liberty and property.

The Ignorant Plunderers

These are the individuals that unintentionally participate in plunder as they have not thought through the consequences of their actions. Those in this category are the majority of all plunderers and, unfortunately, a large percentage of society.

The Purposeful Plunderers

These are the individuals who know that their actions are contrary to human well-being and they continue in their plunder anyway. They can be thought of as “anti-life”. Those in this category are in the minority of all plunderers.

This brings us back around to our original question: “Are you a friend or an enemy to human life?”

If you consider yourself a friend to human life (which I hope you do) then you have now come to the realization that you have unintentionally fallen into the Ignorant Plunderers category by way of your employment. You recognize that the taking of a man’s property without his voluntary consent is an act of theft.

I recognize that I, too, must answer this question. I realize that if I wish to be a friend of human life I must refuse to take part in plunder by not accepting the stolen property that is offered to me in the form of public “benefits” that are funded through coercive taxation.

Now the question becomes, “what are you going to do about it?” Are you going to cease this plundering activity or are you going to cross over into the Purposeful Plunderer category and become an intentional enemy of human life?

It is my hope that you consider yourself to be a friend of humanity and that you will choose to modify your actions so that they are in alignment with your beliefs. I have made my choice. Can I consider you a friend?

A Fellow Human Being


3 responses to “A Personal Letter to the Tax Collector

  1. Unfortunately, most Taxers will refuse to read this beyond the first couple of sentences because they don’t want to be confronted with the truth.

  2. Great piece!
    Thank U!
    This is pure Food 4 Thought!
    At its best!
    A clear reminder of who we are, who we should be & who- really- is around us. Indeed the systems is so corrupted that we , individually need to sit down & consider seriously where are we located, where we need to go depending of who we choose to be. I know for a very long time who I’m & ever since that has been my motto throughout my life. Reason why I had to walk away from each & every situation (in business) where I did not fit as a thief, as a plunder or as an ignorant plunderer!
    I just hope that many, many more intelligent individuals take the time to REALLY understand the meaning of this, “Great Piece” & make it a rule to live by rather than transferring the context unto someone else by way of ignoring the issue @ hand.
    The above response by kenme…does precisely that. In fact it doesn’t contribute anything of value for the rest of the human race, other than “blame to someone else”
    What’s the point? None! What true?
    That they accept being who they are? Or that they see the damage -another true- caused by their own decisions?
    The piece is clearly asking us a Q… for all of us & individually to make a decision.
    Have we made it?
    I did!
    Thank you once more for this valuable insight.
    Many times I look for things as inspirational as this!

  3. An additional problem is that about 75% of the taxes collected go toward government waste and the willy nilly selfish spending habits of the corrupt politicians that control the machinery of government. If a government gets too far in debt then they start forcibly preying upon the people who are praying and truly delivering value to the society. It is time that governments all over the world reduce their size to the basic necessities and those government workers find real jobs in the productive sector in society instead of sitting behind their government desks and watching pornography at the expense of the tax payers.

    Freedom From Taxes Legally