Insight into bureaucrats

An excellent article concerning the illegalization of raw milk and the nature of the bureaucrat:

This video was sent to me by someone at the, get this, “Raw Milk Freedom Riders.” Great name.

What it shows is a Wisconsin inspector visiting the farm of Vernon Hershberger for a “look around.”

Apparently Mr. Hershberger has run afoul of Wisconsin state law because he has provided raw milk to members of his “herd share.”  This is a no-no.

I include this video primarily because it is a good example of the way an expansive state works.

The inspector does not look like a bad person. She likely isn’t a bad person. This is her job and enforcing ridiculous laws limiting the sale of raw milk is how she puts food on the table (though probably not raw milk).

Is she a diabolical anti-freedom villain? No, she’s a bureaucrat, and there is a distinction.

I doubt very seriously that she really, in her heart of hearts, thinks she’s helping the public. Or maybe she does. But she knows that her place in life is to enforce this silliness.

What is our friend the inspector going to do? Quit? Not likely—she has a pension she’s looking forward to.

And this is the power of the coercive state. It builds on itself until the momentum of the beast is impossible to stop. Most of the people within the system are not evil (though some are), they are “just doing their jobs.” Take away a law and someone gets fired. This is the main reason it is so hard to roll back the state.

There is another element to the expansion of the state and that is that powerful actors can co-opt it for their own purposes. This is another driver of the growth of government.

When the dairy inspector shows up at a big corporate outfit, she is probably met by a welcoming team. The inspector probably knows the people in the welcoming team and they probably have an “understanding.”

The small guy, such as Mr. Hershberger, has no such team. He probably doesn’t have a lobbyist in Madison and a lawyer on staff.  He’s not part of the club.

Raw milk is now illegal. This is not indicative of a free country.


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