Get Tyranny Out Of Your Own Heart

An excellent article from Mike Adams:

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2 responses to “Get Tyranny Out Of Your Own Heart

  1. Great article. sometimes we must swallowhard to allow others to find their own path. He ends with a saying I have used (on my letterhead before the internet) and it is a saying I try to live.

  2. The real problem is the belief that we need government in the first place. Once there is a government, it will always grow because it is based on the ability to tax and, given the power to tax, it will always find new reasons to tax more.
    We need to live our lives based on natural law; the right to your life and your personal property, non-aggression and the law of contracts. Natural law has always been, and never has needed a government to create or enforce it. It is self-evident; do not steal, do not aggress or threaten to aggress against anyone, do not lie, do not kill (except to protect your or your family’s life(s).