Today is Constitution Day…

From EPJ:

By, Chris Rossini

Today is Constitution Day. Yes, the document known as “The Law of The Land”.

You’ll hear it mentioned in a few months, when the President is sworn in.

It’s actually the very first lie that a President makes. He lifts his right hand and swears to uphold the Constitution….Good one.

I see no reason in being a fan of the U.S. Constitution. If you suffer under a government, let it be as decentralized as possible. The centralization of power is a great evil.

Yes, I’ve heard many times about how the U.S. Constitution is the greatest political document ever devised. I know about the checks and balances.

Please…spare me.

The proof is in the pudding. The U.S. government is the largest to ever to occupy the earth. And the word “occupy” is actually quite accurate considering it has the largest military Empire as well.

So, either the U.S. Constitution failed to stop this….actually played a part in creating it…or both.

Once you grant power to human beings, they will use their minds to find ways in expanding that power. You can write down all the rules, amendments, and bills of rights that you want.

It’s been done. Those with a power mentality will find ways around them, or just flat out ignore them (like today).

Fortunately, it works both ways…Government makes more rules than it can possibly enforce, and free thinking individuals use their minds to find ways around them, or flat out ignore the edicts.

If it didn’t work both ways, humanity would have no shot. Governments would have certainly turned everything into ashes by now.

The trick is to stop making the same mistakes – to clear your eyes of the fantasy of limited government…and of the illusion that centralized power is wonderful.

The European people are being tested now. Power-mad politicians over there are scheming to create a consolidated Europe. Hopefully the citizens are smart enough to resist.

Americans were not.

So on this Constitution Day 2012, I urge you to think differently.

Check out the resources below: You’ll never look at the centralization of power as a good thing again:


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