FREEDOM IS THE ANSWER: What’s the question?

FREEDOM IS THE ANSWER:  What’s the question?

Martial law in Boston
misinformation prevails
order out of chaos.
manufactured travails.

Some weird oddities
just don’t add up,
sense is uncommon,
reason is bankrupt.

Confusion by design
false reports abound.
Who’s behind the veil;
only frauds are found.

Life in 2013,
a marathon of madness
We are spirits
in bodies of sadness.

The masses sleep walking
their routine lives,
as every mis-leader
jukes and jives.

This world of lies
imprisons our soul,
Our jobs are bars…
security the only goal.

The bloodline elite
suck energy and life
from decent beings—
with war and strife.

What shall we do—
just play it cool…
or fight for liberty,
living the golden rule?

The answer is freedom-
The question matters not.
Without choice- no voice
no life; it’s one big psy-op.



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