The Freedom School is dedicated to the advancement of individual and economic freedom.  We offer the following programs of instruction:

Certificate in Libertarian Studies

Certificate in Applied Logic

Certificate in Economics

Established in January, 2010, the Freedom School was organized to continue the work started by Robert LeFevre and the Freedom School he operated during the 1950’s,  ’60’s and ’70’s.

Our studies include the works of Robert LeFevre, Ludwig von Mises, Percy L. Greaves, Jr., Murray Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, Lysander Spooner, Samuel Konkin III, Henry Hazlitt,  Harry Browne, Ayn Rand, Butler Shaffer, Rose Wilder Lane, Ken Schoolland, Walter Block, George Reisman, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and many more.

Our Mission:

To promote the advancement of the human condition through the study and practice of sound economic and libertarian principles.  We focus on these two subjects because economic freedom (property rights) and political freedom (human rights) are indivisible.  They are merely two sides of the same coin.

Core Beliefs:

Freedom is based upon the principle of self ownership.  It consists of every individual having the inalienable right to his or her own life, liberty, and justly-acquired property.  Every man owns his own life and, therefore, has the right to do anything he wishes with that life, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the life of any other person.  Freedom is self-control, not license to impose on others.

Man can achieve his highest potential only if he is free.  In order to be free he must have Free Agency.  Free Agency is the freedom to choose, the freedom to succeed, the freedom to fail, and the freedom to learn from his mistakes.  If man wishes to have Free Agency he must also respect the Free Agency of his fellow man.  Free Agency does not absolve man from responsibility for his own actions.

An education from the Freedom School will give you the intellectual ammunition needed to be a promoter and defender of freedom and free markets.  Earning a credential from the Freedom School is a valuable addition to anyone’s resume, especially those seeking careers in leadership, business, entrepreneurship, finance, or education.

What is Economics?

Economics:  A Science of Means

“Economics is sometimes thought of as a very dry and dismal subject dealing with dusty tomes of statistics about material goods and services.  Economics is not a dry subject.  It is not a dismal subject.  It is not about statistics.  It is about the human life.  It is about the ideas that motivate human beings.  It is about how men act from birth until death.  It is about the most important and interesting drama of all – human action.

“The main objective of economics is to substitute consistently correct ideas and actions for the contradictory ideas and actions inherent in popular fallacies…

“We all want things that are not necessarily essential, but we always choose those actions which we think will best improve the situation from our viewpoint.  This means that the ideas that men hold determine their choice of actions.  This means that the most important thing in the world is ideas.”

Percy L. Greaves, Jr., Understanding the Dollar Crisis